Courtesy of Jim Kovacek

Captain Chuck Still Has It!

Perch America regrets to inform everyone, that because of the recent acquisition of Cabelas by Bass Pro Shop that we will no longer attend or assist in any of their promotional events or activities which includes Cabelas upcoming Captains weekend.
In the recent transition, Bass Pro thought it was in their best interest to dismiss several of their key community oriented managers.  These managers spent years of hard work to build close relationships with many local community organizations.  Perch America believes that it is paramount to the local community and its organizations that these business's have someone on staff who has the heartbeat of their communities as an interest.  It appears that it is not a high priority of these corporations to keep these relationships between their stores and the local community as a whole.
It is Perch Americas opinion, that this will have a negative affect on their sales because that many members of the multiple network of sportsman clubs and others community organizations will no longer patronize their business's.